Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Singapore Grand Prix Circuit at night

Amazing aerial shot of the Singapore GP circuit (Stuart Sykes)

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Monday, September 16, 2013

A Touch of Thai Welcomes Guests at Anantara's First Luxury Dubai Beach Resort

Greetings from Anantara,

Picture this – you've just woken up on the powdery white sand after drifting off to the waves gently lapping against the shore on your very own private beach.  You head back to your over water villa passing stunning lagoons with floating market boats selling fresh coconuts, a three wheeled tuk tuk passes in the distance………

This could be a tropical island paradise off the coast of Thailand but it's actually in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world – welcome to Anantara's brand new property, Anantara Dubai The Palm Resort and Spa.

The Thai inspired beach resort is located on the iconic Palm Jumeirah and offers a range of unique features such as the Middle East's first Over Water Villas, a 400 metre long private beach along with Anantara Spa offering traditional Thai massage.  In keeping with Anantara's indigenous offerings the resort also infuses local culture through the resorts heritage area where such guests can learn about Dubai's early pearl-diving history, the authentic Middle Eastern cuisine served at one of the six dining experiences as well as through a wide range of Anantara Experiences such as offering guests an adrenaline-pumping dune safari ending with a traditional Arabic banquet in a Bedouin-style desert camp.

Sounds too good to be true! For more information on our latest resort please find attached the press release along with a few pictures for your consideration.

Visit us online at:
anantara.com | avanihotels.com | oakshotelsresorts.com | peraquum.com | elewanacollection.com 


Fresh water kaleidoscopes at Nkwichi Lodge, Lake Malawi

The section of lake in front of Lake Malawi is perfect for fresh water snorkelling
Nkwichi, on the wild, Mozambican, side of Lake Malawi, has some of the best snorkeling Lake Malawi (or Niassa from the Mozambican side) has to offer and here's why …...

With such a pristine, natural environment, the water on the Mozambique side of the lake is crystal-clear and free from any pollution. Nkwichi sits on its most remote and untouched section, away from villages and rivers. The water is so pure that visibility can be up to 30 metres at some times of the year.

There are an estimated 600-1000 species of fish in Lake Malawi, more than North America and Europe combined! Many are endemic to tiny tracts of the lakeshore, and the variety is a visual spectacle in the stretch alongside Nkwichi. The WWF, which opened Mozambique's first freshwater reserve here, called the lake, 'The most bio-diverse lake in the world'.

Unlike many other beaches on Lake Malawi, which can have a steep drop-off into the water, Nkwichi has a gentle incline making it great for submerging at any level of comfort. Perfect for paddlers and children!

Nkwichi is situated on one of the most dramatic parts of the Rift Valley. The same geological conditions which make the sand the softest on the lake (and also how Nkwichi got it's name), also created an underwater wonderland of cragged canyons, megalithic monoliths and indomitable boulders.

All of Nkwichi's experienced guides are from the local Nyanja tribe (meaning 'People of the Lake') and feel as much at home on and in the water as on land. Leading Nkwichi's unique snorkel safaris, they'll help uncover the secrets of life beneath the surface of this magical place.

Nkwichi Lodge is also a proud member of The Mozambique Collection.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Deserted Places: Hotels and Resorts

Travelling around the world I sometimes encounter these forlorn structures. Some were once bursting with life and history, others were never even opened and abandoned before seeing their first guests.

Ryu-Gyong Hotel (markpanama)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Struth! Eat, Drink and be Merry – For Tomorrow We Diet.

Inline images 1

IN his continuing search for the more weird, wacky and wondrous in the world of travel, David Ellis says as if we don't already put on enough weight on a cruise holiday, Australia's boutique cruise ship Orion is planning 7-nights from Brisbane to Auckland in December that will replace much of its traditional sightseeing, excursions and culture with eating and drinking.

Australian chef and author of Sicilian heritage, Dominique Rizzo will run cooking workshops highlighting the use of freshest seasonal produce, while also inspiring creativity to improve health and build your confidence in the kitchen, and New Zealand winemaker Tony Bish will host wine tastings, and talk about wine varieties and styles including bourgeoning  Sauvignon Blanc and the emerging super-premium wine growing district of Gimblett Gravels on New Zealand's Hawke's Bay.

And Queensland-based cheese-maker, Markus Bucher whose family moved to Australia from Switzerland will share his specialised knowledge of Swiss- and Greek-style cheeses as well as yoghurt making – again together with tastings – and also discuss various Australian cheese types with comparative tastings.

Little wonder Orion says of this 7-night cruise Eat, Drink And Be Merry – For Tomorrow We Diet.

Orion departs Brisbane on December 13 this year and will have a day each at Norfolk Island and New Zealand's Russell and Robertson Islands in the Bay of Islands, before ending the cruise in Auckland; with current savings of up to 40% off brochure fares, prices begin from $3,735pp twin-share in an ocean-view stateroom. Details travel agents or free-call 1300 361 012.

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