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Sri Lanka: Back to nature at Flameback Eco Lodge

The Mature Traveller, Michael Osborne, explores Flameback Eco Lodge

On my recent visit to Sri Lanka, I had the privilege of being taken to a fantastic glamping style lodge. We only had time to walk around and look at the unique accommodation, to watch a cooking demonstration and then to eat it in the elevated dining room with its superb views across the lake.

The lodge is run by the local village that grows and provides the brilliant fresh food.

I was so taken back that I will let them tell their own story …

Nestled amidst a bird sanctuary by the tranquil Weerawila Lake, Flameback Eco Lodge offers a legacy of rejuvenation. Providing an exquisite array of meticulously personalized tented lodges filled with luxurious amenities overlooking the marvels of mother nature, you will be mesmerized by the serenity of the lush surroundings to escape the mundane.

Enjoy the delectable organic cuisine sourced from local communities, while being part of our eco-friendly glamping escapade conserving mother earth.

Flameback is the perfect epitome of five-star luxury combined with the delectable space of perpetual privacy……

Where we are…

Flameback Eco Lodge is nestled within the Weerawila Bird sanctuary located in southern Sri Lanka, southwest of the Yala National Park. Consisting of wetlands and reservoirs, Weerawila attracts a diverse range of bird species each year to roost and nest. Being aptly located alongside the Weerawila reservoir within the sanctuary, Flameback Eco Lodge wondrously attracts thousands of local and migratory birds who roam across the sanctuary, both aquatic and jungle dwelling birds alike.

Unbridled with the charm of an idyllic fishing village, an authentic experience awaits you in Weerawil. Quiet and tranquil, this small town is conveniently located and is central to some of the most renowned wild life parks and cultural heritage sites of Sri Lanka.


The eco kissed charming lodges draw their inspiration from the intimate mosaic of the picturesque mother nature, where the luscious forests meet the flowing lakes offering adventure, culture, variety and stunning scenery at every turn.

Each of the 7 luxury tented lodges reflect exquisite indigenous heritage of the mesmerizing surroundings. The rustic appeal is thenceforth complimented with understated elegance and modern conveniences. These tented eco lodges are privately located pods hidden in a luscious garden, bordering an enchanted lake. Each lodge allows guests to be in close contact with nature and the great outdoors, without losing an element of luxury and comfort.

Our exclusive Honeymoon Suite and Deluxe Lodges will unveil your senses to the sights and sounds of endemic birds as dawn breaks. You will have nothing less than viewing pleasure from the privacy of your elevated teak sun deck within our luxurious glamping escapade.


The many places to explore while on the property will provide our guests with an unforgettable glamping escapade of being ‘one’ with mother nature. At Flameback Eco Lodge, you will unearth the perfect mix of relaxation and adventure with a myriad of facilities inclusive of:

The Infinity edge Swimming pool

Surrounded by the lush gardens with stunning views of the lake festooned with teak sun beds for relaxation

The Main Restaurant

An elegant restaurant overlooking the lake with comfortable seating capacity for up to 30 guests; the dining options include a delectable a-la carte menu which includes a delectable variety of local and international cuisine as well as organic meals made from produce sourced from the local community.


Our traditional Spa overlooking the lake, offers in-house guests the ideal setting to relax, unwind and rejuvenate they soul and senses.

Yoga Retreats

Year around yoga retreats with experienced yoga teacher is conducted for discerning travelers who wish to have a holistic experience while enjoying the unique glamping experience.

The Entrance Palmyrah mud house

Houses the Reception and lobby that welcomes you to the serenity of the sanctuary

The lounge bar

Consists of a remarkable array of fine wine, beer, fresh juices and a blend tea/coffee to quench your thirst

Indoor Recreation

A spectacular library of books and magazines to relive your senses

Free Wi-Fi connection at the Main house

Board games & Kiddies activities

Outdoor Recreation

Roaming around the gardens savoring the deliciousness and freshness of the air, scenery and environment will have you longing for our specialized outdoor activities which include:

Bird Watching treks & nature trails with our in-house naturalist

Fresh water fishing excursion in the lake

Cookery demonstration with our Head Chef

Kids play area


Organic Garden

With great impetus in protecting mother nature, we house an organic vegetable and herb garden yielding fresh vegetables and herbs throughout the year to provide our Chefs with a delectable variety to make their fresh cuisine each day.

Safari/Nature trails and Village excursions

Whether it’s a game drive to your favorite national park or a quite farmer’s lunch in the village, our experienced staff will ensure you have a wide array of activities during your stay

Laundry service

Foreign Currency Exchange facility


Illustriously eco-friendly in its’ soul and function, Flameback Ecolodge consistently upholds the value of providing for and conserving the environment at its’ best. The in-house restaurant exuding elegance to its core, looking out on to the lakes, offers an authentic fine dining experience to our discerning guests. A fusion of International and traditional cuisines are on the menu inclusive of dishes made from appetizing organic ingredients, vegetable and grain sourced from the local community, passionately designed and prepared by our Executive Chef.

Whether it’s a typical western or authentic Sri Lankan breakfast, to a steak or traditional local lunch, you’ll end the day under the stars to savor the fine dining experience of selecting from a variety of specialty a-la carte menus

Private Dining

If you wish to make it more secluded, you have the choice of dining on the spacious deck of your lodge or by the pristine flow of the lake with plenty of unique locations to dine in private. Whether it’s a 5 course fine dining experience or a BBQ dinner by the lake, we will ensure that you will experience a unique meal under the stars. A champagne breakfast by the lake as dawn breaks is also on the cards.

Village farmer’s lunch

You can indulge your taste buds with the unforgettable venture into the surrounding village to mingle and enjoy a freshly made Sri Lankan meal with a family in their home within the neighboring local community. By having these meals you will help make a contribution to the local community Flameback is proud to have collaborated with.

Activities & Excursions

In-house activities

For the discerning traveler looking for relaxation, the hotel has a selection of in-house activities

The traditional mud house

The entrance house with its clay walls and Palmyrah roof is an ideal cozy spot for the guests to interact with the local arts and crafts made by the talented local artists. Hand painted canvas paintings of young local artists featuring endemic birds and wild life are exhibited in a gallery display. Other souvenir handicraft items made from clay, wood and palmyrah made by talented local villagers are displayed in the mud house while certain afternoons are filled with live demonstrations of local talent.

Local Cookery demonstrations

Cookery demonstrations done by our Head Chef will let the guests partake in an evening of preparing a selected local food and delicacy followed by a food tasting session. An exclusive ‘Certificate of participation’ is given to those who participate in this authentic experience.

Palmyrah weaving

Try out your talents with a local palmyrah weaver to weave a bag, hat or other craft which you will get to take home as a souvenir

Out-door activities and Excursions

A stay at Flameback offers you an opportunity to embark on many activities and adventures to ensure a unique and exciting escapade. Our experienced in-house naturalist will ensure to deliver a wide variety of unique nature trails and bird watching hikes. Embark on a game drive in the comfort of a modern safari jeep with an experienced tracker to experience wild life and nature in abundance.

Weerawila Bid Sanctuary: Bird watching nature trail

Debarawewa Lake Bird watching nature trail (10 Minutes drive)

Bundala National Park (15 minutes drive)

Yala National Park- the wildlife excursion (45 Minutes drive)

Lunugamwehera National Park/ Galge Entrance- Yala Block 5 (35 Minutes drive)

Fresh water fishing Excursion (Flameback specialized tour)

Village cycle tour to experience ‘curd making’ & farmer’s lunch (Flameback specialized tour)

The Kingdom of Lord Skandha- Kataragama (30 minutes drive)

Udawalawe National Park – Elephant Safari (55 minutes drive)

Hambantota Botanical Gardens (30 minutes drive)

Ridiyagama Open Zoo (45 minutes drive)

Rekawa Turtle Hatchery (1 hr drive)

Eco Tourism

As part of our constant focus to embrace nature and community with our business practices, Flameback Eco Lodge is committed in its continuous contribution made to the environment and the community it is integrated in. As such, we are humbled to contribute $ 1.00 from every online rooming night to the hotel’s Eco & Social development fund which is in turn donated to the preservation and well-being of the Environment, Community of Weerawila and the hotel employees.

Environment conservation: A sustainable footprint into eco conservation

At Flameback Eco Lodge, we have embraced a framework of environmental strategies aimed at making changes and improvements that benefit the environment from the onset with subtle thought put into the architecture, use of natural resources and waste disposal.

Get in Touch

May you wish to obtain more information about Flameback Eco Lodge and activities in the vicinity, please contact us via the any of the below options!

For Inquiries & Reservations:

Tel : +94 47 5 100100

Fax : +94 47 5100 200

Email :


Thursday, September 12, 2019

The 2020 Travel Hot List


The experts have revealed their much-anticipated hot list for the year ahead. These are their predictions for destinations which are up-and-coming, exotic, undiscovered and guaranteed to stir the soul. Collectively, they have singled out these unusual and unique destinations which every discerning adventurer will want to know about."


With an economy based on oil, Azerbaijan in the South Caucasus may seem an unlikely place for luxe wanderings. But this energy-rich nation on the Caspian Sea is a surprise package. Located on the divide between Europe and Asia it has a 5,000-year-old history and a heritage variously influenced by the Russian, Turkish and Persian empires. A stroll through its cosmopolitan capital Baku is a striking contrast of old and new where locals play chess in cobblestone laneways against a backdrop of the city's famous futuristic flame towers.


The birthplace of voodoo, Benin is steeped in a rich and complex history of glorious kingdoms, slavery and colonialism. Voodoo is still widely practiced throughout the country and travellers can witness colourful voodoo ceremonies where feverish drumming and highly charged dancing by costumed fetish priests provide a bewitching encounter. Fishermen in remote villages still practice age-old techniques and the slave coast is a haunting reminder of a dark past.


Dramatic year-round, Finland in Europe's far north is a land of lakes, mountains and forests with a vigorous sauna culture. Expect endless daylight in the summer months and long winter nights when the Northern Lights are at their most dazzling. The vibrant capital Helsinki is a harbourside showcase of modern architecture and design with world beating museums and galleries, architectural masterpieces and an 18th century sea fortress.

Eastern Indonesia

Remote and unspoiled, the crystal-clear waters of Eastern Indonesia harbour some of the world's finest marine life and underwater treasures. Hordes of volcanic islands spread across the aqua blue waters of the Flores and Banda Seas play host to some of the most spectacular coastal terrain on Earth and soft sandy beaches to match. Explore the Komodo National Park, the Spice Islands and Raja Ampat where world class diving and snorkelling reveals brilliant coral gardens, vibrant tropical fish, sea turtles, reef sharks and manta rays while on land the prehistoric Komodo dragon hunts its prey amidst dry savannah.


Middle Eastern hospitality doesn't come much better than in Jordan. Add to that some of the world's most famous archaeological sites and it's easy to see why it's considered one of the region's star attractions. In a country with a 4,000-year-old history and biblical references aplenty there's no shortage of attractions. At the top of the list, with undisputed celebrity status and worthy World Heritage recognition, is Petra but there's much more once you delve deeper – crusader castles, mineral-laden waters, ancient Roman ruins, dramatic desert landscapes and a vibrant cuisine.


Heavily influenced by the many civilisations which have contested and ruled its sun-filled archipelago, Malta and Gozo, its sister island, together claim over 6,500 years of history with one of the world's greatest concentrations of historical sights. Each conquering power has left its mark from Arabic town names to British food, Greek superstitions and Roman Catholicism. A few days here will reveal a lavish architectural legacy, splendid Baroque churches, a flourishing food scene and rich agricultural traditions.


One of the least densely populated countries on Earth, Namibia is a vast landscape of shimmering salt pans, red dunes, glittering oceans and haunting coastlines where the sunsets are unforgettable and the desert-adapted wildlife abundant. Hugging the southwest coast of Africa where the red sands of the world's oldest desert meet the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Namibia is an unexpected surprise and new lodges, like Shipwreck Lodge on the Skeleton Coast, have opened to broaden the already luxe offering

South Korea

Say hello to one of Asia's most surprising destinations. A relative newcomer to the luxury travel scene, South Korea is a surprise package known as much for its street food and high-speed internet as it is for its heavily militarised border. Hip and edgy, the capital Seoul is a dynamic city where new meets old and pop culture is alive and well. It has first-rate museums, absorbing local customs, flavoursome culinary delights and scenery throughout the country is utterly picturesque.

Wukalina Walk

Tasmania is known for its walking adventures and this is one of the newest. Aboriginal owned and operated, the four-day Wukalina Walk reveals the breathtaking Bay of Fires region in the state's northeast from the unique palawa (Tasmanian aboriginal) perspective. Hiking in the footsteps of their traditional people, palawa guides and elders relate first-hand the palawa creation story, allowing guests to participate in cultural practices that have been passed down for hundreds of generations. Nights are comfortably spent in bespoke palawa inspired domed huts and the meticulously renovated Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage at larapuna (Bay of Fires).


Off the radar for many years, Zimbabwe is back with a flourish and in recognition A&K has opened its 11th African office there. The country has some of the continent's most impressive national parks where its iconic species roam and a top-notch selection of small-scale luxury safari camps and lodges. It boasts one of the world's great rivers, breathtaking landscapes from acacia woodlands and riverine plains to primeval escarpments and granite-studded hills and it's home to the largest waterfall in the world, Victoria Falls.

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