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A Tour in the Southern Districts. GUNDAGAI. 1878



THE Royal Alfred Bridge connects North with South Gundagai. In 1852 the river Murrumbidgee flooded the flats, and swept away the town of Gundagai, then situated on it, causing a known loss of 93 lives. To secure the traffic of the Great Southern Road from interruption by such recurrences the present bridge and high-level approaches were erected and finished about eight years ago. 

Saturday, February 10, 2024

A Tour in the Southern Districts YASS TO BOWNING in 1878

from Australian Town and Country Journal
Sat 9 Feb 1878

BEFORE leaving Yass I paid a visit to Cliftonwood, the residence of J. B. Sharpe, Esq., situated on the
banks of the river on the north side of the town.

A Tour in the Southern Districts BINALONG TO GUNDAGAI in 1878

from Australian Town and Country Journal
Sat 16 Feb 1878

THE day after I arrived at Binalong, some races were held on a course about a mile and a half from the township, and although the prizes were small and everything of the most primitive description, a fair attendance of the residents of the surrounding district was present to witness the day's sport, and all seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves, everything passing off most pleasantly.

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Events in The Islands of Tahiti 2024

The Islands of Tahiti are set to host a series of exceptional events in 2024, promising a dynamic blend of culture, sports, and adventure. From challenging trail races to world-class surfing competitions and vibrant cultural festivals, this year's events will showcase the diverse allure of the beautiful Tahitian islands. Depending on when you plan your trip to the Tahitian Islands you’ll be able to time it perfectly with one of these exhilarating and fun events. 

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