Sunday, June 2, 2024

Halong Bay: Vietnam's UNESCO jewel

Halong Bay, a mystical seascape of limestone pillars and emerald waters, is Vietnam’s jewel and a place that feels both otherworldly and intimately tied to the rhythms of nature and history.

Make a splash at these amazing hotel swimming pools across Asia

Hotels love to boas about their pools, amongst other things. Here's a round-up of stunning swimming pools at hotels across Asia. Dive right in!

‘Teen Jok’ Owns the Pool

The tiles of MeliĆ” Chiang Mai’s swimming pool are fashioned in a striking textile pattern to reference the local Chiang Mai culture. The tiling is a contemporary interpretation of textile patterns the locals call “teen jok”. Similar patterns are also evident on the exterior facade of the hotel visible from the swimming pool, which is adjacent to a shallow pool area for kids. The watery playground is home to two water slides, a rain curtain, water fountains and a giant tipping bucket. The large outdoor swimming pool on the hotel’s second floor anchors Tien Pool Bar, which also has a design that pays tribute to Chiang Mai. The pool bar’s distinctive red brickwork references Chiang Mai’s venerable landmark Tha Phae Gate.

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