Monday, November 4, 2019

Traditional safari experience in Tanzania’s Serengeti

African safaris are usually top of most people’s bucket list when it comes to wildlife viewing. And it’s no wonder when you consider the richness of this type of travel experience. However, travellers often struggle to decide on which type of safari to go on and where, with so many destinations and different options available.

Well, for those seeking a truly traditional, safari experience that pays tribute to the classic safari of old, Sanctuary Kichakani Serengeti Camp in Tanzania provides the perfect solution.

One of the newest properties is the Camp rotates between set locations across the Serengeti, offering guests an unrivalled, front-row experience of the movement of a million-plus wildebeest and zebra as they follow the fresh grasses across the Serengeti plains during the annual migration season.

Kichakani is a Swahili word meaning ‘in the bush’ and the Camp features ten luxury tents, which are packed up and moved along in a style evocative of the pioneering explorers of the 19th century, yet with all modern comforts.

An elegant and contemporary take on the classic camp style, five-star tents offer distinct and stylish accommodation under canvas. Handcrafted luggage, easy chairs and characterful cabinets and desks, have all been designed to be perfectly portable. Each tent has a personal attendant and a private wooden deck on which to enjoy a just-brewed cup of Tanzania’s finest coffee, while en suite bathrooms feature authentic bucket showers. And for more energetic guests, gym and yoga kits are provided for workouts in the natural and peaceful surroundings.

A central canopied main tent with lounge and dining areas also opens up completely on all sides offering incredible views out over the surrounding landscape. Here, the Chef and his team are skilled in preparing a range of international flavours, which can be enjoyed alongside kachumbari (traditional Tanzanian salsa), coconut beans, paprika, cinnamon and chilli from nearby Zanzibar. Evenings are spent gathered by the traditional fire pit exchanging stories under starry skies and listening to fascinating tales of wildlife encounters from the passionate guides.

Importantly, the sand-coloured canvas-constructed camp has also been designed to leave as little impact as possible on the environment, casting a lighter ecological shadow.

The Camp’s two set locations throughout the year are based on the migration path offering wildlife viewing from open plains, sweeping grasslands and rocky kopjes. The stars of this seasonal path are wildebeest, zebra, Thomson’s gazelles, and the predators that this migratory journey attracts. The Serengeti is known for having the Big Five; cheetahs are a highlight, along with wild dog, giraffe, waterbuck and impala.

Sanctuary Kichakani Serengeti Camp is located in the Southern Serengeti 

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