Thursday, May 2, 2024

Australia From Above: Australia’s Top Aerial Views Captured by Veteran Photographer Stephen Brookes

Airviewonline, the nation’s leading showcase of aerial photography, today announced the release of a unique collection of stunning aerial views of Australia, meticulously selected by Stephen Brookes, the company’s co-founder and himself a veteran photographer.

This exclusive collection, featuring the top 3 aerial views from each of the 6 mainland states plus Tasmania, showcases the spectacular diversity of Australia’s urban and rural landscapes.

From the pristine beaches of Queensland to the rugged mountains of Tasmania. Each image is a testament to Brookes’ eye for detail and his passion for capturing the heart of Australia from the skies.

Stephen Brookes commented on the project, “Viewing Australia from above gives you a profound appreciation for its vast beauty. This project was a journey of discovery, and I am thrilled to share these exceptional views, which highlight the unique landscapes of our great nation.”

The collection highlights locations that offer not only breathtaking beauty but also a story about their natural and cultural significance. “Each photograph in this collection tells a story,” said Brookes. “From the iconic Sydney Harbour at dusk to the turquoise waters of Cape Le Grande in WA, these images are about capturing moments that speak to both the heart and the spirit of Australia and it’s people”

Brookes, who has spent over two decades flying over Australian terrains, hopes the collection will encourage people to explore and appreciate the natural wonders of Australia. “I want these images to serve as a reminder of what we have and what we must cherish and protect,” Brookes added. “The bird’s eye view puts everything into perspective and underscores the importance of conservation efforts.”

Airviewonline’s latest collection is available for viewing on their website and will feature in upcoming national exhibitions.

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