Sunday, November 30, 2003

Daryl versus Goliath.-How A Battler Saves His Castle.

Movie Analysis: “The Castle” by Shalia Eime

Describe how the positive actions and words of Daryl Kerrigan support his friends and keep his family together and how his positive belief in the importance of a family home conquer unbeatable odds.

Darryl Kerrigan, a simple bloke with strong principles, becomes the hero of the story by defeating the ruthless Barlow Group when they attempt to acquire his home of fifteen years for a major airport upgrade.

The Kerrigan family are not particularly smart, but Darryl is proud of them all for their small talents and achievements – even Wayne, currently serving a prison sentence for robbery. The younger sons, Dale and Steve, are also small achievers, but receive much praise from their doting father. The only daughter, Tracey, is the academic achiever in Darryl’s eyes thanks to her TAFE diploma in hairdressing.

When the nasty Barlow Group attempt to “compensate” Darryl for his property his family and neighbours are ready to take the small amount of money and move. But Darryl won’t. His house is his “castle” and is the home of his family, something he is very attached to. Even when Barlow offers him more money, he tells them to “shove it”.

His neighbours are single people with no family and listen to Darryl when he explains his plan. They look up to him as their leader and Darryl has convinced them that their cause is just and that they can win even though his plan has no legal way. Darryl believes that a man’s house is his home and his “castle” and that he must defend that any way he can. He won’t allow the big company to push them all out just because they think they can.

The case goes to court but Darryl loses, and then appeals to the high court. He won’t give in even though his useless lawyer friend tells him he’s lost. Then he meets a QC who sees a way for Darryl to win and offers to help Darryl. Together they defeat the Barlow Group. The QC wanted to help Darryl because he heard Darryl explain how important his home and family were to him. The QC is an expert and can see that the legal system is not being fair.

Darryl becomes a hero when he wins and receives attention from the news because of his victory. His family go on to great business success probably because they have learned from the experience and realise they can do anything as long as they believe strongly enough.

There is a lesson for everybody who sees “The Castle”. We can learn that, like Darryl, if we believe in ourselves and whatever talents we have we can go on to be successful in our own eyes. Also that happiness and that of our family is most important and that kindness to neighbours and friends is important.

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