Sunday, October 12, 2014

Motorhome holidays in Australia - Top 10 reasons


1. It’s an Australian tradition

Almost everyone has a road trip holiday story from their youth – now it’s your family’s turn to create some new family traditions.

2. Save your dollars

One cost and your travel, accommodation, dining plans and entertainment is all taken care of. Compare this with flights, taxi transfers, hotels, hire car and restaurant meals…it won’t take long before your pockets are bulging with extra cash to splash on a great holiday memento.

3. The fun starts now

The minute you’re on the road your adventure has begun. Kids will think they’re in a travelling cubby house!

4. You make the itinerary

Forget costly ticket changes - there’s no restrictions on how long you stay in each place – and you’re free to move along when you’ve been there and done it all.

5. Opportunity to catch up with friends and family

Spend the night with friends and family far and wide – but avoid sleeping on their couch.

6. See the country in a different way

Tiny seats and airplane food can’t compare to stretching out on the wide open road and stopping wherever and whenever you want, especially when you have little ones on the journey.

7. Create the ultimate playlist

Apollo’s newest motorhomes offer ipod docking stations – so you can sing as loudly as want, all the way down the highway. Sure, families might need to include some of Playschool’s Best Hits but it’s all part of the fun.

8. Quality Time

Travelling with your family has to rank amongst the most memorable holidays, but sometimes too much of a good thing is just…too much. Tired of playing I-spy? Apollo’s motorhomes have built DVD players which work while driving so kids will stay entertained.

9. Avoid the tourist traps

We all love our big capital cities, but a motorhome gives you complete flexibility to go to those really out there places like…well just hit the maps and pick a spot.

10. Make some memories

In unofficial research, a road trip is officially one of the most memorable holidays of all time – we’re sure the kids will agree.


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