Monday, October 31, 2016

Now is a great time to visit Egypt


A land of ancient monuments, mysterious legends and a charisma that never fails to excite visitors, Egypt has long been a stalwart of many travellers’ bucket lists. In recent years, however, political upheaval and potential customer concerns have seen a marked decline in the numbers of people travelling to the country.

Travel professional, Michael McCall, says there are at least seven good reasons why he believes that now is the perfect time to visit Egypt.

The Weather

While Egypt enjoys the sun pretty much year-round, according to Michael it’s from September onwards that the stifling heat of summer begins to give way to more comfortable temperatures. “With the sun still shining and just 1 – 5mm of rain per month, visitors to Egypt can pretty much guarantee blue skies and perfect sailing conditions, making it a great option for a Xmas getaway.”

The Crowds

“Or should we say lack thereof,” says Michael. “Visitors to Egypt can currently enjoy all of the major landmarks almost completely free of tourists. In fact, some previously restricted archaeological areas have been opened to sightseers in the hope of heightening their appeal.”

The Little Things

With fewer visitors filling the streets and waterways of Egypt, Michael notes that guests are much freer to experience local life in far more intimate detail. “From fishermen practicing their trade, to market traders selling their exotic goods, there is a huge amount to see, and even more to learn.”

The People

Egyptians are well known for their first-class hospitality, but Michael notes that today visitors are likely to be greeted with praise and thanks like never before. “Expect to be treated like a pop star wherever you go and to leave with a new-found love of warmth and character of modern Egypt.”

The Tourist Sites are secure

“The Egyptian government has taken significant steps to up security around tourism hotspots in recent months,” says Michael. “This means that there is a reassuring security presence at Luxor, Aswan and other areas of interest, alleviating any fears travellers may have.”

Helping the Economy

Something often forgotten in any discussion about Egypt is the fact that its economy was long been built on the success of a once thriving tourist industry. For Michael, a great ancillary benefit for those who dares to take the plunge and visit the country is a much-needed opportunity chance to help reduce unemployment and inject life to local businesses.

It's Accessible.

With affordable flights from Australia daily with a range of airlines including Emirates and Qantas, Egypt is an easily accessible holiday destination for Australians.

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