Sunday, August 26, 2018

Popular Vegan locations around the world


Veganism is growing in popularity, and if you're new to the dietary movement, it can be a scary prospect for when you're travelling.

Trying to find delicious, nutritious and easy vegan food can be a struggle at the best of times. Add in a totally different culture, new language and different cuisine and it can be enough to make anyone want to pack their passport away and stay at home.

Exodus Travels is passionate about exploring the world in a way you've never seen before – this means immersing into cultures and experiences that are true to the region you're discovering. Thankfully, a lot of countries have been borne on vegan and vegetarian fundamentals, which means travelling and exploring these regions is a breeze.

Here are our top vegan destinations:


Even though all these spots are great for vegans, India takes out the number one spot with flying colours. With more than 500 million people (nearly half the population!) being vegetarian, it's no wonder the region is a bustling hotspot for vegetarian and vegan travelers. Get your fill of spicy rice dishes and mouthwatering curries, or snack away on dosas as you make your way through tiger safaris, Taj tours and cycling through Kerala. India's cuisine is naturally gluten-free and packed with lentils, chickpeas and rice. Which makes India easy and tasty for celiac travelers to indulge in the food scene.

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From quick street food to world-class restaurants, there are plenty of Thai vegan options for any budget. While Thai food abroad is very different to Thai food at home, you can still get wonderful options that are sure to whet the palate.  In Thailand the local language is your friend - ensure you learn the words 'jay' for vegan and 'mangarawirat' for vegetarian. Thai dishes like phad thai phak (fried noodles with vegetables) will keep you going between temple-hopping and jungle safaris.

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What is best known as a paradise for honeymooners, beach lovers and adventurers alike, Bali is also the home to some of the best vegan food you'll find abroad. The whole island has a very strong plant-based diet, so you'll find yourself in an abundance of scrambled tofu, hummus, smoothie bowls and tempeh at every turn. We're even seeing a trend of local chef-created, mouth-watering cashew cheese! Perfect with a chilled glass of rosé if we do say so ourselves.

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Costa Ricans are known for their healthy, all-natural lifestyle. So it is no surprise that Costa Rica is a haven for vegans, vegetarians and gluten-free eaters alike. Traditional dishes consist of rice, plantains, beans, fruit and veggies. This means that anyone and everyone can enjoy the local flavor. Costa Rica is a mecca for gut health gurus from around the world. You'll find plenty of restaurants specializing in a vast mix of cuisines, all vegan-friendly.

Enjoy your days surfing on iconic beaches, soaking in thermal baths or trekking through the Costa Rican rainforest. Then hit the local markets and restaurants worry-free.

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