Monday, December 16, 2019

How to explore every day with Lonely Planet's new book.

Lonely Planet's new book, Explore Every Day, features 365 daily prompts designed to refresh your life – including the following:

You can find this wonderful piece of street art in Melbourne. Where? (R Eime)
  • Admire the next piece of street art or graffiti you see as if it were hanging in an art gallery.
  • Think of one small environmental change you could make and act on it.
  • Buy a fruit or vegetable you’ve never eaten before.
  • Quick: name the first country that comes to mind. Find a film from that country and watch it. Write the review.
Have you seen this American film?
  • Spend one full minute really, truly feeling the weather.
  • Ascend to the highest point in your town (buildings count).
The highest point of which famous South Australian port? (R Eime)
  • Learn a word from your region’s indigenous culture or some local slang.
  • Breathe in for four seconds. Exhale for six.
  • Spend one full minute really, truly feeling the weather.
  • Empires were built – and destroyed – over the search for aromatic spices. Research where in your town you can find dozens available instantly (health-food and international stores often have large spice sections).
  • Give yourself a full 10-15 minutes to browse through and deeply inhale as many spices and herbs as you can. Choose one that tickles your fancy yet is totally unfamiliar to you and buy it (saving you the 200-year-long journey to attain it).
Can you name these spices? Have you smelled them? 
  • Find a recipe that incorporates the new spice and cook it.
  • Draw a map of your town. For extra credit: Find a willing partner, give yourselves three minutes each to draw, then compare results afterwards. What stood out for each of you?
  • Get dressed up and conduct a photo shoot with a friend.
Halloween is the perfect opportunity for a fun family portrait (Lithgow Mercury)
  • Which neighbourhood in your town is most different to your own? Spend an afternoon running errands there.
  • Many world-famous universities (UC Berkeley, Cambridge, the Sorbonne) offer free courses online. Sign up to one and learn Shakespeare, Roman history or opera.
  • Go on a mural walking tour. Describe your favourite mural.

Silo art is a big deal in rural Australia (Mike Osborne)

Reproduced with permission from Explore Every Day, © Lonely Planet 2019,

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