Monday, December 7, 2020

Goodbye to classic old picture theatres

The often sad demise of the world's picture theatres brings a tear to the eye of many, myself included.

During the 1970s and '80s, my mother worked for a small cinema and drive-in company which later was subsumed into the Greater Union group. I remember with great fondness spending school holidays rummaging through the piles of old movie posters which were used as wrapping paper. I know!

I later had a job as an assistant projectionist at one of the Starline Drive-Ins at Adelaide's Hectorville. The site is now housing, as is so often the case.


Wandering around Sydney on my motorcycle, I stumbled on this demolition site not knowing exactly what it was, but have since discovered it was once a grand cinema, built as The Crescent Theatre in 1934. It had a relatively short life, closing in 1967, and later becoming a furniture barn until its demolition. [source]


I understand it will become high-rise units and, if I am correct, the facade will be restored and preserved. Below is an undated image when it operated as a cinema prior to 1967.

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