Thursday, November 10, 2022

Visit The Eromanga Natural History Museum

The Eromanga Natural History Museum (ENHM) is home to Australia’s largest dinosaur (Australotitan cooperensis) aka Cooper, and is renowned globally for discovering a new dinosaur species which was scientifically recognised in 2021.

The Museum is committed to discovering, conserving, and showcasing the fossil, natural and cultural heritage of the upper Murray/Darling and Lake Eyre/Cooper basins.

The incredible diversity of Outback Australia’s natural history is on display – from the tiniest fossils, the size of a sugar grain, to the mightiest dinosaurs Australia has ever seen.

Spanning a 14-year history, the ENHM is comprised of three purpose-built museum buildings: The original Workshop, a multi-million-dollar Reception Gallery (opened 2021), and the just completed Research Centre.

Guests can join a guided tour of the workshop, laboratory, and collection centre, then see the ancient giants come to life in the new multi-media theatre.

Families can join a fantastic family prep program and guests seeking a more immersive experience can sign up for one of the megafauna or dinosaur digs.

Top off the experience with an overnight stay in the beautiful onsite accommodation, Cooper's Country Lodge located on the 167-hectare reserve.

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1 Dinosaur Drive, Eromanga QLD 4480
Phone: (07) 4656 3084

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