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Visiting Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills

In December 1838, Captain Dirk Hahn, Master of the Zebra', arrived at Port Adelaide with a party of 187 German immigrants. He not only successfully negotiated a parcel of land for his passengers but led them up through the Tiers', as the Adelaide Hillls were then known, reaching their destination in March 1839.

The settlers named their new abode 'Hahndorf (literally 'Hahn's Village') in grateful recognition of the Captain's efforts. Due acknowledgement of this was made 100 years later by the erection of a simple obelisk in the Pioneer Memorial Gardens which were established on land donated by Mr George Jaensch, a descendant of one of the original pioneers. A Commemorative Arch at the entrance to the gardens is in honour of the first settlers.

Hahndorf SA: former Union Hotel, now Hahndorf Inn

Development of the town took place mainly along the overland route and today many of the houses in the main street are those originally built. A walk from one end of Hahndorf to the other is recommended so that these old buildings can be fully appreciated. The magnificent avenue of cork elms and chestnuts, planted in 1885, and often painted by the town's most famous son, Sir Hans Heysen, is an outstanding feature of the main street.

German Arms Hotel Hahndorf SA

A renewed interest in the restoration of early buildings has meant that many of the town's old structures which were in danger of being demolished have been given a new lease of life.

Completion of the freeway along the town's southern boundary has taken through traffic from the town and enabled a more leisurely approach to daily living,

(Text: RAA 1974)

Hahndorf is a charming town located in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia. It is known for its strong German heritage and colonial architecture, which creates a unique and picturesque atmosphere. Here are some things you can see and do in Hahndorf:

Historic Main Street: Take a leisurely stroll along the historic main street of Hahndorf. The street is lined with quaint buildings that showcase the town's German influence. You'll find a variety of shops, galleries, boutiques, cafes, and restaurants.

German Migration Museum: Learn about the history of the German immigrants who settled in Hahndorf and the surrounding areas at the German Migration Museum. The museum provides insights into their lives, culture, and contributions to the region.

St. Michael's Lutheran Church: This historic church is an iconic landmark in Hahndorf. It was built by the early German settlers and is an example of the town's German architectural heritage.

Hahndorf Academy: The Hahndorf Academy is a cultural center that features galleries, studios, and exhibitions. It's a great place to learn about local art, culture, and history.

Beerenberg Farm: Just outside of Hahndorf, you can visit Beerenberg Farm, known for its delicious jams, sauces, and other products made from fresh, locally grown berries. You might even be able to participate in picking your own berries during the right season.

Hahndorf Farm Barn: Especially enjoyable for families with children, the Hahndorf Farm Barn offers interactive animal experiences and educational activities, making it a fun and informative outing.

Wineries and Cellar Doors: The Adelaide Hills region is known for its wine production. You can explore various wineries and cellar doors in and around Hahndorf to sample locally produced wines and enjoy beautiful vineyard views.

Nature Walks: The surrounding Adelaide Hills offer opportunities for scenic walks and hikes. Mount Lofty Summit is a popular spot for panoramic views of the region.

Seasonal Events: Hahndorf hosts various seasonal events and festivals that celebrate its German heritage and local culture. These events often feature traditional food, music, and entertainment.

Local Crafts and Art: The town is home to several art galleries and craft shops where you can find unique handmade items, including ceramics, paintings, textiles, and more.

For more information, visit the official tourism site.


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