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Europe by Train: Five Ways to See Europe for Less

Travelling in Europe can be expensive, so here are five simple ways to save before even setting foot on the continent.

1. Purchase a Eurail Pass and embark on multiple day trips

Eurail Passes allow travellers unlimited travel each given “day” on the pass within the 24 hours from midnight to midnight. Depending on the places of interest, travellers can often visit two or three small towns in one day without having to rush around. Note however, a journey on the Eurostar takes up the value of a full day on the Pass.

2. Take advantage of value-adds

When booking a rail pass, travellers should note that numerous travel bonuses and discounts on buses, ferries, private railways, hotels, sightseeing tours and WiFi come with the pass. These value-adds are updated each year, so it is advisable to check the items on offer before making accommodation, tour and dining arrangements.

3. Avoid seat reservations where possible

Travellers embarking on routes serviced by both high-speed and regional trains can opt for the latter option to save on seat reservation costs. Note however, that seat reservations are mandatory on all high-speed services and inter-country connections, so research or consult a travel agent to ensure the most cost effective routes.

4. Travel during off-peak and shoulder seasons

Travelling during the European spring and autumn will help with the savings quite significantly. There is also the luxury of space on trains as crowds usually tend to swell significantly during summer and winter, so time the holiday wisely.

5. Book in advance and look out for discounts

Travellers who plan ahead can save up to 70% off their rail bookings. Eurail passes can be booked up to 11 months in advance, and three months for seat reservations. Also, keep a look out for regular discounts applied across the network of services.

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