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What's New in Bhutan

Mushrooms in Bhutan

Bhutan's unique environmental conditions and rich biodiversity make it a prime habitat for a diverse array of mushroom species, including over 400 that are categorized as edible, medicinal, or inedible. Notably, the Tricholoma Matsutake, locally known as Sangay Shamu, is one of Bhutan's most sought-after mushrooms, with a harvest season from July to September.
Homestays in Bhutan

Homestays are spread throughout the country and today, a total of 123 homestays are certified and validated by Bhutan’s Department of Tourism. These homestays are often located in peaceful, less crowded areas, making them the perfect place for quiet reflection. A homestay experience is the best way for a visitor to immerse themselves in Bhutanese culture and daily life. It will get guests acquainted with the food, daily routine and everyday joys of the average Bhutanese family. This is the perfect opportunity to get away from the beaten path that most tourists op for.
Increase of female guides

Bhutan is celebrating an increase in the presence of female guides within its travel and tourism sector. With 122 female guides certified and validated by the Department of Tourism, these women are emerging as ambassadors of the country, offering personalised tours, trekking expeditions, and cultural experience tailored to the preferences of the travellers. Since Bhutan reopened to tourism in September 2022 after the covid 19 pandemic, the number of female guides has increased by over 25%. 
Bhutan’s Native Species

The Kingdom of Bhutan is home to an impressive variety of wildlife, the country’s pristine protected landscapes offer nature lovers the chance to spot over 25 species of endangered birds, including the iconic, black-necked crane, red pandas, golden langurs, and the revered mountain tigers.
Druk Neykor programme: Embark on a spiritual journey through Bhutan's sacred sites

Bhutan launched the Druk Neykor programme, a new tourism experience covering 108 sites and monuments in Bhutan showcasing the history, culture and spirituality of the country.
Jo Bay Tsho Trek in Haa, Bhutan

Introducing the beautiful new Jo Bay Tsho Trek in Haa - A stunning valley located in the south-west region of the country. This two-day trek spans approximately 25 kilometers, beginning with an 84-kilometre drive from Sangbaykha village to Mochu, a picturesque place surrounded by progressive farming communities, immersing themselves in the beauty of Bhutan's rural landscapes.

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