Saturday, May 1, 2021

Ipoh Old Town

She has been visited by many and forgotten by many as time passed us all by, however, she is back even stronger with a big attitude of hip, retro and gothic. She has and will continue to be visited by many on their transit journeys, food indulgence or just to take a walk into memory lane. Wonder no more! It is no other than Ipoh, the capital city of Perak.

Ipoh has it all, located up north from Kuala Lumpur and south to Penang in Malaysia. It has been listed in “Lonely Planet's Top 10 Destinations in Asia”; describing Ipoh as Malaysia's renaissance city whose 'Coffeehouses and heritage houses are staging a long overdue comeback' Ipoh's old charm, timeworn streets with contemporary art and tasty food have locals and international visitors raving about it.

One can't visit Ipoh without exploring the heart of Ipoh, Ipoh Old Town. 

Everywhere one can see murals of street art and trendy cafes, singing vibes of hip, retro and gothic. The best way to explore Ipoh old town is by walking and following the Mural Art Trail.

Mural Art Trail, one can experience in Ipoh's most famous streets of Concubine Lane, Wife Lane and Market Lane to mention a few…. 

These lanes are home to many murals that brighten up the houses' walls and convey stories of the old charm and vibrant history of the past and present of Ipoh. Most of the art is painted by Ernest Zacharevic, who has had great success as a street artist. One can spot a mural of a senior man enjoying Ipoh white coffee or children just playing bringing back memories of one's childhood. Don't forget to slow down and appreciate the beauty of the street art which will leave one wanting more.

Concubine Lane is also the heart of Ipoh's foodie district. These lanes are flanked by old-style Chinese shop houses, complete with shutters and beautiful tiles. No visit is complete to Ipoh without stopping at the ever-popular Kopitiams (Coffeehouses), countless hipster cafes or simply indulge at the local stalls. Look out for the Harry Potter-themed café, Ipoh's glass forest café or even the oriental teahouse. Ipoh is famous for its Ipoh White Coffee and a variety of local delicacies such as beansprout chicken, traditional flaky pastries (Heong Peah) baked in earthen kilns fired by coconut husks to name a few...

We look forward to you being a part of this experience, as we dream now, travel later as Malaysia awaits you.

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