Monday, September 6, 2021

Ten Virtual Travel Experiences you can enjoy from home

For the chefs who want to learn how to make more than just banana bread

Small Group Authentic Mumbai Virtual Cooking Class with Dessert

Learn how to make Pav Bhaji and Rice Kheer from Kajal. Based in Mumbai, Kajal picked up authentic home-style family recipes from her mom and sister. In 2017 she started hosting food tours and Pav Bhaji was always one of the most popular dishes. This Maharashtrian delicacy is a thick vegetable curry made from seasonal vegetables, potatoes, tomatoes and onions served with pav, which is a bread roll topped with butter and best served hot. The word 'pav' comes from the Portuguese word for bread and 'bhaji' in Marathi means a vegetable dish.

Virtual Private Cooking Class Live from Santorini

Have you been to Greece? Kathrin’s booked you a first-class ticket, ready to teach you how to make her famous Santorini Tomato fritters. In the class, feel free to chat with Kathrin as she shares all she knows about the food, culture and traditions of her home, Greece.

Cocktails & Stories From Vietnam

Shake up a cocktail or two with bartenders and mixologists in Vietnam. Learn how to create some classics like the Daiquiri, Mojito and Espresso Martini but each with a local twist. So whether you’ve been to Asia and miss its flavors or would like to learn about them – this experience is for you.

Argentinean Empanadas cooking

The gastronomy of Argentina combines influences from Creole, native, Spanish and Italian food. Learn to whip up some tasty empanadas as Camila teaches you more about typical Argentine foods.

Peruvian Cooking Class "Lomo Saltado"

Hang out with Chef David as he teaches you how to make Lomo Saltado, a popular, traditional Peruvian stir fry dish. Also pick up interesting stories and background on Peruvian culture and heritage as you travel with your tastebuds.

For a little meditative break

Yoga and Mindful Conversation with a Brussels Local

Start your journey to achieving a balance between mind and body with Shanthuru. Practice Yoga together and dive into the world of mindfulness conversations. Shanthuru can tell you all about vegan food culture in Brussels and beyond. Wherever you are on your journey, a beginner or advanced, Shanturu can make this experience customizable to ensure it’s tailored to your level.

To walk the streets of a different city

Best of Barcelona Live Virtual Tour

Walk the streets of Barcelona in this small group guided virtual tour. Learn more about the iconic attractions in Barcelona including the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell and the Gothic Quarter (Barri Gotic). An interactive experience from home, full of stories, anecdotes and insights, including quizzes, polls and live Q&A session with your guide.

Best of Berlin - Private Live Virtual Experience

If you’re starting to feel down about not being able to travel, the next best thing is a virtual tour that allows you to explore the world from home. This tour takes you through Berlin’s top monuments and popular spots in the city, including the Reichstag Building, Tiergarten, Soviet War Memorial, and Brandenburg Gate.

Taj Mahal Virtual Tour with a Guide

Learn from a local the beautiful love story behind the iconic Taj Mahal and what it took to build this historic monument. The virtual tour will take you through the history, intricate design details and different areas of the estate. Your tour guide will also be able to share more about Indian culture and heritage.

Old Town Central: A Real-Time Online Tour in Hong Kong

Walk the busy streets of Hong Kong with a friendly expert guide that will take you through a bustling open-air market dotted with small traditional shops to show you their curious trade practices. Got a question? You can ask the shopkeeper directly! Enjoy this hour-long tour from the comfort of your home. The group size is small and intimate so that you can interact directly with your guide, who lives in this very neighbourhood and you’ll get to mingle with virtual travellers from other parts of the world too!

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