Sunday, January 25, 2009

Freighter Cruises: Cruising with a Difference

Freighter Cruises, a division of the Concierge Travel Group, is now taking bookings for the 2009 & 2010 cruising season.

Australia’s only ‘freighter cargo’ ship agency, Freighter Cruises, specialises in six routes – “Around the World”, Asia, Pacific Islands, Europe, North America and South America.

Freighter Cruises’ qualified Cruise Master, Julie Richards, is Australia’s foremost expert in freighter cruising, and has been with the company since its inception over 20 years ago. Equipped with her extraordinary depth of knowledge in this area of maritime voyages, Julie has unparalleled access to all the shipping lines around the world that continue to take fare paying passengers.

“This is a very specialised and unique area of travel that has gained its popularity among semi-retirees and the retired, who have the time to travel in the leisurely manner required by a freighter trip,” says Julie.

“The experience is not so much the port destinations, but largely the sea voyage itself. Passengers travel in a very ‘dressed-down’ manner, getting to know their captain and crew members; dining with them, playing cards with them and also utilising the same facilities onboard.

“It’s an alternative to the ‘glitz and glam’ of mainstream cruises that the majority of cruise-goers tend to prefer as the level of luxury and comfort is different.

“There are only five companies departing Australia that allow passengers on their cargo ships; we have very close relationships with them after having worked together over two decades.

“Bookings are usually taken at least a year in advance to ensure spots as there are only 3 cabins per cargo ship and timing of connecting services need to be very carefully planned, so we are now booking for the 2009 season,” says Julie.

Due to insurance and safety policies, Freighter Cruises can only book such cruises for clients under the age of 80 at the time of travel.

Freighter Cruises
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