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Visiting Koh Lanta Old Town, Thailand

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Old Lanta Town (Roderick Eime)

Ko Lanta means ‘dazzling island’ and with its eight long deserted beaches, breathtaking sunsets and laid-back feel, Ko Lanta has all the ingredients to charm and delight.

Lanta Old Town captures the most special character or 'soul' of Ko Lanta early-morning-fishing

Many houses and shops are built on stilts, rambling out over the sea, and the 100-year-old, teak-wood-lined streets remain home to a cosmopolitan mix of Thai-Chinese, Thai-Buddhist, Thai-Muslim, Chao-Lay (Sea Gypsies) and a growing community of western residents.

Lanta Old Town retains the natural charm and friendliness of rural Thailand combined with a cultural richness and diversity not found in many other places.

There are plenty of Things To Do, with a variety of Trips & Tours departing directly from Lanta Old Town. Take some time to browse the unique range of accommodation, restaurants and shops and services that Old Town has to offer.

Take a look at the useful information about Getting Here, along with maps and public transport timetables for the local area.

Old Lanta Town Pier (Roderick Eime)

Experience the magic of Lanta Old Town, on the east coast of Lanta Island - where life goes on, virtually unchanged, much as it has done for the last 100 years.

 The magic of Lanta Old Town is an intangible thing that's extremely hard to describe. If you're looking for a unique holiday or vacation experience, where you can truly step back to a time where life unfolds on a personal level, where fascinating cultural events take place on a day-to-day basis and when fresh seafood becomes a way of life, then Lanta Old Town might be the place for you...

There are not many places in the world where you can find accommodation that is literally 'on the sea'. The sensation of waves lapping beneath your wooden teak floorboards is strangely comforting and the views from a wooden deck over the water are breathtaking (especially at sunrise). This is a sea view with a difference!

Everywhere within Lanta Old Town is within walking distance and if you're a seafood lover this is pretty amazing. Local fishermen deliver catches of fresh fish and seafood to the local restaurants daily. Almost all the restaurants in Old Town cater primarily to the locals, so you can expect authentic flavours, the best and freshest of the daily catch and prices that will make you want to stay here forever!

Beautiful Koh Haa, in Koh Lanta National Park (supplied)

Lanta Old Town lies within a perfect Natural Harbour, which means there are plenty of things to do right on your doorstep. There are several trips and tours that operate from Old Town - find out about snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing, mangrove tours, kayaking or island hopping during your stay.

Shopping in Old Town is a unique experience - nearly every house on the main street is also a shop of some kind. If the doors are open, and you can see something of interest, don’t be afraid to enter and take a peek. For souvenir shopping, it is well worth it to visit Susanna's Watercolour and Batik collection at the Lanta Leather shop in the middle of the Town. Mango House, Hammock House and the weekly market are not to be missed.

Whether you want to explore the many habited and uninhabited islands that lie within a short distance of Old Town, take a look at the Buddhist Temple or learn Thai cooking, Lanta Old Town has a range of activities to tempt everyone.

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