Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Vanished Adelaide: The Vine Inn, Glen Osmond

The Vine Inn c.1916 (SLSA)

The Vine Inn on Glen Osmond Road was built in 1850. It was named after the vines that flourished nearby.

Thomas Henderson (pic left) was the first licensee and after his death, his wife managed the business until 1874.

The inn was an accepted place for meetings such as election talks and inquests and would witness the construction of the Glen Osmond tramway in the 1880s.

Vine Inn", - On balcony Mrs Reese Jones, Mrs Hall Henderson (Proprietor), Mr. Isaac Hall Henderson, Miss Frances Rogers. At the time of this photograph, the proprietor of the Vine Inn at Glen Osmond was E Henderson. The inn was established in 1850 on the northeast side of Glen Osmond Road (SLSA)

After 1909, the building was used as a boarding house run by Anne Fairclough, then later converted into a corner shop.

It was demolished in the 1970s. 

Vine Inn hotel, Glen Osmond, facing east. c.1880 (SLSA)

A writer for the South Australian Register newspaper recalled the Vine Inn in 1916.

"If the walls of the weather-worn Vine could speak they could tell many interesting stories," the writer stated. "Travellers by the Mount Barker coach will recall the retriever dog owned by the late Mr Willmott, to whom many passengers threw pennies.

"Picking up the coppers in its mouth the clever canine would enter the bar and return with biscuits, which it would eat on the verandah to the great amusement of the juveniles." 

The same location today: https://goo.gl/maps/AX2eSv9GPck9PbSp7

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