Monday, June 2, 2008


With sixteen crew to look after just twenty-four guests, mega motor-cruiser Haumana offers something totally unique in calm-water cruising on the spectacular Rangiroa Lagoon in Tahiti’s Tuamotu Archipelago.

Three-, four- and seven-day cruises are available on Haumana, whose Polynesian crew lead guests on a variety of daily activities that can range from beach and bush walks to village tours, kayaking, snorkelling, and game and handline fishing with a live-aboard fishing guide.

There’s even a unique French-style picnic one day of each cruise, with tables and chairs set in the water under a thatched grass sun-shelter at an uninhabited island.

And back aboard ship, crew welcome returning guests from each day’s activities with songs and guitars, while complimentary wines are offered with exceptional French and Polynesian dishes created from fresh-caught fish, lobsters and island-fresh fruits and vegetables.

For prices of 3-, 4- and 7-night cruises and fly, cruise and stay packages, see travel agents; information about Haumana’s cruises is available on

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