Monday, August 2, 2010

Local Chinese Cuisine in The China Guide’s tours

The China Guide ( ) is taking travelers to good local restaurants on all of their China-wide tours. Food is a historical part of China’s culture with many types to experience; The China Guide gives its guests genuine Chinese cuisine. “We find that most travelers are taken to large tourist restaurants which produce generic dishes with little variety, based on what they think westerners will like. Tourist restaurants do not let travelers sample the unique foods of China. We are offering quality that’s not found on typical group tours,” says Judy Huang, Travel Manager of The China Guide.

The staff and guides personally select all restaurants included in The China Guide tours. The guides escort travelers to restaurants in local neighborhoods and make recommendations while helping with the ordering. Restaurants and ordering are kept flexible to client’s tastes, as there are many types of cuisines from all over China. “We try to include at least one restaurant from each specialty during the client’s tour,” adds Huang, “that can include spicy Sichuan, hot pot, dumplings and most popular, Peking Duck. There is so much to experience.”

Meals include unlimited dishes so that travelers can sample as much as they like. Standard drinks are also endless including local beer, which is commonly enjoyed with most meals in China. The China Guide encourages clients to try unusual things such as lotus root or sea cucumber, which are not commonly available in the West. For clients with a special interest in Chinese cuisine, The China Guide offers trips to local food markets as well as cooking classes. Dumpling making class is very popular with travelers and great for kids as well.

The China Guide

The China Guide ( ) is a Beijing based travel agency, American owned and operated. Specializing in western-style service and quality with hassle free web bookings, they work with clients to customize tours that match their travel style. Operating only in China, they have up to date knowledge and offer exciting experiences for travelers including their famous Sleep on the Great Wall tour. The China Guide avoids the common factory shopping stops that are not reflective of the true China.

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