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Enchanting Winter Solstice Scenes in the Yukon, Canada

Winter solstice in the Yukon heralds a night when the north turns nocturnal. With show-stopping northern lights, glittering snow-drenched forests, and unique northern wildlife, locals and visitors alike welcome the snowy season with open arms (covered in layers of flannel).

From star-gazing on the shores of a frozen lake, to ice-fishing, dog sledding and everything in between, read on for the best ways to ring in the best and longest night of the year in Canada's north-western Yukon Territory.

Star-gaze at Watson Lake

The Canadian Space Agency recently rated Watson Lake as one of the top places to turn your eyes to the sky and marvel at the universe around us. That's why it's home to the Northern Lights Space and Science Centre, a unique facility filled with exhibits on the northern lights, the contents of constellations and a gift shop with more postcards than stars in the Milky Way. If you're a cosmic tourist looking for a uniquely Yukon experience of the night sky, turn your telescope towards Watson Lake.

Catch your own icy dinner

Don your winter parka and sturdy snow boots and grab your fishing rod. Ice fishing is a quintessential must-do Yukon tradition, with lake trout, northern pike, Arctic grayling, rainbow trout and Arctic char all on the menu on this longest of winter nights. Sip on hot coffee or cocoa and take in the glittering surrounds with ghost-white trees framing the frozen lake. If you're lucky, your guide will fillet your catch and grill it right there on the ice for a midnight snack you'll never forget.

Enjoy an extended night

The longest night of the year in the Yukon takes place on 21 December, 2022, giving you the chance to turn your daytime adventures into night-time activities. Head out for a skate under the stars or make snow angels with nothing but the dancing aurora borealis lighting your way overhead. The darkness continues until 11:10 in the morning, giving you more than enough time to see all things nocturnal, like red foxes scavenging for food, white owls hunting for breakfast, and friendly locals making the most of their beautiful snow-dome wintry paradise here in the Yukon.


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