Friday, July 9, 2010

Lufthansa Serves Wine from Gérard Depardieu

Cabernet-d’Anjou from Chateau de Tigné as summer wine in Business Class on
flights in Europe

Lufthansa Business-Class passengers on European routes are now enjoying a very special wine appellation from the Loire valley: A Cabernet-d’Anjou 2009 from the Chateau de Tigné estate owned by celebrated French film star Gérard Depardieu.

Gérard Depardieu is a film legend indisputably but acting is not his only passion. Well before his sympathetic incarnation of the overgrown Obelix, popular among younger audiences, he discovered a love and enthusiasm for the fine wines of his native France. A few years ago, Gérard Depardieu acquired a historic chateau in the Loire Valley, which has survived religious wars and revolution in a chequered history. He was enraptured with the vineyard and wine cellars attached to the estate and, from that moment on, became a vintner. Each year, the vineyard crafts the choicest of wines to the delight of wine lovers. But working the poor soil of the region is hard graft before valuable vines can be enticed to grow and be harvested as the grapes mature. Whereas elegant whites are produced from Chenin Blanc, a superior cuvée from red grapes like Gamay, Grolleau, Cabernet-Sauvignon and Cabernet-Franc turns out juicy rosés and strong reds.

The rosé Cabernet-d’Anjou 2009, pressed from the two Cabernet vines, develops a distinctive flavour reminiscent of fine citrus fruits and raspberries. It is noted for its stimulating character and is delightful to the palate. An outstanding summer wine, it is currently being served in Business Class on Lufthansa’s European flights.

“Vinothek Discoveries“ – New finds for wine lovers

No gourmet menu is complete without quality wine to match the exquisite food. But noble and tasteful as a wine may be on the ground, it loses its characteristic notes in a wine lover’s perception at cruising altitude in the aircraft cabin. Low pressure in the aircraft adversely affects the sense of taste and the development of a wine’s bouquet and aroma. Not all wines fly well. So to ensure the fruit of the vine delights passengers in-flight. Lufthansa relies on advice from Sommelier World Champion Markus Del Monego, For “Vinothek Discoveries“ – Lufthansa’s award-winning wine programme, he puts together a selection of exceptional wines every two months. Markus Del Monego travels the world exclusively for Lufthansa in the quest for the finest treasures of the wine-world to recommend and be discovered by First and Business-Class passengers as they settle back in their cabin seats. In the catering sphere, Lufthansa has assumed the role of global ambassador for the best of German wines. These are chosen at blind tastings attended by Markus Del Monego and other recognised wine experts. Each year, Lufthansa offers around 40 vintages hand-picked from more than 30 German vineyards on long-haul routes alone. All told, around 3.5 million litres of wine from top estates are served in all travel classes yearly.

Lufthansa, SWISS and Austrian Airlines operate flights via 12 getaways from five origins in Australia. Within Europe, the Group’s airlines fly to over 150 destinations, offering Australian travellers the most extended network of all airlines.

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