Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Take Part in Sea Turtle Rescue with Naturewise

Take off to blue skies and white sand beaches of Australia’s far-reaching coastlines, and join Naturewise on new hands-on conservation adventures to save our marine turtles.

Worldwide, there are seven species of marine turtles, and we are supremely lucky in Australia to have six of the seven species swimming in our waters. These wonderfully resilient creatures have lived in the oceans for more than 100 million years, adapting to constant environmental changes. But today marine turtle species are no longer able to keep up with the rapid changes to their environment, and their survival is under serious threat.

This October, join Naturewise for two weeks on the Cobourg Peninsula, a remote wildnerness found at the tip of Australia’s Northern Territory in Arnhem Land. The surrounding waters are teeming with sea life, colourful reef fish, dugong, crocodiles and dolphins, and the region is a significant nesting location for the nationally vulnerable, green turtle. As part of the small Naturewise team, participants undertake nightly patrols of the beach at Smiths Point, surveying turtle nests and providing important data for an ongoing research project in green turtle numbers and population dispersal.

An equally awesome adventure awaits in Western Australia in November and December. Travel south of Broome, to Eco Beach, a nesting region for the threatened flatback turtle species. On this Naturewise trip, participants will also undertake nightly beach patrols, assisting wildlife researchers in collating much needed data on flatback turtle populations.

With prices beginning at only $480 per person (6 days, Eco Beach), all Naturewise Conservation Holidays are fully inclusive of accommodation, delicious meals, conservation activities, project transport and experienced guide. Naturewise is limited to only ten travellers to minimise our environmental impact, and ensure a quality experience for everyone involved. We encourage early bookings to secure a place!

For full details and to make a booking go to or free call 1800 032 501

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