Monday, September 28, 2009

Go Off-Road with KEA

The warmer weather is coming and, to celebrate, KEA is offering adventure seekers 25% off 4WD Pop-Top Campervans, for travel between Perth, Darwin, Alice Springs, Adelaide and Broome. The discount is available to all Australian and New Zealand residents for travel from November 15 until February 28, 2010.

KEA’s supercharged 4WD is Australia’s gutsiest rental off-road RV, while also being the safest and most comfortable. The customised Toyota Troop Carrier has been created for the adventurous explorer, providing a monstrous 4.5L V8, 150kw turbo diesel engine. Combined with improved suspension, halogen headlamps and four-wheel disc brakes, KEA’s off-road campervan can go harder and further without compromising comfort, safety and handling.

The model troop carrier chassis also makes KEA’s the sleekest 4WD campervan around, with new fenders, bumpers and bonnet creating a more streamlined appearance. Specially-constructed bulkheads keep all living necessities such as crockery, cooking equipment, two burner stove and bedding securely stored for little movement for travelling over the rough terrain.

“Any true traveller will tell you of the thrill of being able to go where few have gone before! Our 4WD campervan is designed for exactly that, and does it like no other rental off-road camper can,” said Lynn Briggs, Marketing Manager for KEA.

“There are so many fantastic places to explore from Perth to Broome to Adelaide and we think there is no better time to get out there and make the most of it than in the coming months.”

KEA’s 4WD Pop-Top also features a 38L fresh water tank and twin 90L fuel tanks which, with an average consumption rate of 14 L per 100km – a huge bonus considering most rental 4WD campervans in Australia consume fuel at a rate of around 20L per 100km.

Cabin air conditioning, ventilated sleeping and living areas and sliding, fly-screened rear windows make it more comfortable to travel in the hotter regions and months, while the well-designed indoor dining and living area makes best use of the space available in the rear of the camper. Every KEA 4WD campervan also has three separate power sources – 240V battery, 12V house battery and solar power – to ensure travellers never run out of juice.

KEA’s 25% discount is available to all Australian and New Zealand residents for travel between November 15 and February 28, 2010, between Perth, Darwin, Alice Springs, Adelaide and Broome. For more information or to make a booking, visit, email or phone 1800 252 555.

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