Monday, September 21, 2009

100 Great Australian Holiday Homes

The Great Holiday Homes of Australia have been revealed in the latest issue of Australian Traveller magazine.

Just in time for Christmas, the leading domestic travel magazine has researched the amazing array of Australian holiday homes with some surprising results.

The houses selected range from just $150 per night to $4290 per night. The houses also range from the beach shack to the opulent Palm Beach or Portsea weekender, tropical rainforest lodges to bush hideaways.

According to the magazine, the holiday home is the ultimate Australian getaway lodging.

“Spending a weekend – or even an entire week – in a holiday home with family or friends is about as good as it gets,“ says Australian Traveller editor Greg Barton. “So it makes sense to research and publish some of the great homes that are known and even better – the hidden gems.” “For example, there is the iconic Pole House on the Great Ocean Road. But I love the quirky Mulberry Mansion in suburban Fremantle, or the inexpensive Partridge Cottage at Byron Bay, or how about the multi million-dollar Amileka in the Byron Bay Hinterland?” The criteria to be selected by the
magazine as a great holiday home was based on a balance of different styles of homes, locations and budgets.

“From fascinating furniture to amazing locations to intriguing history, each of the 100 homes has a unique appeal – and caters to all budgets,” Barton continued.

According to the latest research 51% of all travellers' accommodation in Australia was in a private home or holiday rental.

The full list is available at

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The 100 Great Australian Holiday Homes are featured in the Oct/Nov ‘09 edition of Australian Traveller, on sale Wed September 23.

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