Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Festivals in Bhutan

Each and every festival in Bhutan is the most sought after form of entertainment. The Royal Academy of Performing Arts (RAPA) in Thimphu works to preserve the unique folk dancing heritage in the country and its dancers are expert in all forms of this unique art.
The national sport of the country, archery, is also a celebrated sport and every game of archery attracts huge crowd of onlookers. Shooters shoot two arrows in one round and the target is located at a distance of 120 meters. Women dancers entertain the crowds and each team has its own dancers who cheer for their team and try to distract every archer of the opposing team. Every game of archery is an event where Bhutanese culture is at display in its glory. Similarly, there are other sports like Khuru (dart) traditionally played by men but also getting popular with women. After a busy day, taking a refreshing hot bath in a traditional hot stone bath is also very popular among tourists.

Urban towns also have a good number of cozy restaurants and bars where you can have your dinner and while away time at your own pace. Singing enthusiasts have karaoke joints to go to and for the more energetic - nightlife in cities like Thimphu can be fun at various discotheques where people dance to the tunes of the latest best-selling music numbers.

Themed Festivals

Besides the numerous religious events, Bhutan also hosts a variety of theme-based festivals, celebrating the country's rich culture and arcane lifestyle.

Festivals like the Nomad Festival, Matsutake Festival, Jumolhari Mountain Festival, to name a few, offer a glimpse into the unsullied culture of ethnic communities and their unique traditions. These festivals are a big draw among locals and tourists alike.

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