Monday, February 1, 2010

Strong Aussie Dollar means great savings on European holidays

Despite a forecast increase in the number of Australians travelling to Europe this year, Aussie travellers are still being offered a range of huge savings from a number of travel wholesalers.  With added confidence in their economic situations, thousands of Australians have already made plans to head to Europe this year, and those still to book can take advantage of considerable savings due to the improved value of the Aussie dollar.

One of the best deals currently available is being offered on the extremely popular European river cruise – clients booking early can receive a choice of free flights, free four-day city stays and free cabin upgrades on a wide range of cruises, with savings of up to $2437 per person.  Other wholesalers have reduced rates in their 2010 brochures – bringing prices down to below 2009 levels in some instances.

Founder of online European travel directory, Carolyn Schonafinger, believes there has never been a better time for Australians to travel to Europe and the UK. "Whilst the effect of the Global Financial Crisis has been minimal in Australia compared to the rest of the world, many hotels and other travel related businesses in Europe are really hurting," she said.  "In order to attract more bookings, they have reduced their rates for 2010, and together with our strengthening Aussie dollar, this means fantastic value for Australian travellers."

"On top of that, many airlines are still offering special deals, saving the traveller even more money.  But like most good things, these deals won't last forever, so anyone thinking of heading to the UK or Europe this year should get in quick before the deals are all sold out," Schonafinger added.

Carolyn Schonafinger is the Founder and Editor of, an independent online European travel resource aimed at providing travellers with the widest range of holiday options and information to plan the perfect holiday.

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