Saturday, April 26, 2008 are a popular online accommodation booking site which offers discounted rates for a broad range of hotels around Australia, from the quaint to the extraordinary, suiting everyone's tastes or interests, the everyday or the special occasion. The company actually started in the now managing director's laundry five years ago and has grown to become one of Australia's most popular ways of booking accommodation online. recently celebrated their fifth birthday and to celebrate, in an Australian first, the company has launched all 3000 accommodation properties on the popular online mapping sites, Google Maps and Multimap, to help celebrate the companies fifth birthday.

As you would know, travellers are becoming increasingly savvy at booking online and using online resources. Tools such as Google Maps, and Multimap have become popular ways to search for destinations with visited over four million times per month, alone.

This new online synergy allows those planning their next holiday or business trip to check out the surroundings of their desired destination - shopping malls, restaurants, function or exhibition centres, golf courses - and book directly through by clicking on the icon on the map!

They have also included PayPal on their website, which is just another convenient way for people to get the best deals on their travel and accommodation!

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