Monday, May 31, 2010

Learn the World’s Fastest Growing Sport in the Paradise of the Cocos Islands

Take the coolness of surfing, add the insane tricks of wakeboarding mix with a kite capable sending it’s rider 20m into the air, and you have kiteboarding - the fastest growing water sport in the world.

In a world that’s become desensitized by other so called “extreme “ sports, kiteboarding still never fails to draw a crowd marveling at the radical tricks, high speeds and massive jumps performed by kiters – and the first question on their lips is “Is it hard to learn?” In a word, NO.

You don’t have to be strong or particularly fit – all you’ll need are a couple of hours of lessons, some wind and some water and you’ll be on your way.

Coco’s Islands is an amazing tropical paradise where you can learn to kite fast. Zoom along with the Manta Rays swimming below your feet.

Most kiters progress from absolute beginners to doing small jumps within their first summer season, but the best way to fast track you kiting experience would be to join a kite tour, and that’s where Zephyr Kite Tours comes in……

“One 14 day tour with us is the equivalent of a whole east coast summer season of kiting” says Jen Phillips, owner and founder of Zephyr Kite Tours (ZKT)

Based on the tropical Cocos Islands, Zephyr Kite Tours have been teaching kiting since 2004, and have what most kiters would agree is heaven. Warm shallow water, palm fringed lagoons and consistent SE trade winds make this the ultimate place for kiters of all levels - but especially beginners.

Zephyr Kite Tours are just about to embark on their annual set up at Coco’s Islands which will run tours from July to September. With ZKT you can enjoy a tropical holiday, escape the cold winter and get active at the same time.

Learn to Kitesurf in the Cocos Islands with Zephyr Kite Tours and enjoy free equipment hire, a safe learning environment with professional instructors, palm trees and a great social vibe.

Zephyr Kite Tours [ZKT] has been taking kiters of all levels to these amazing palm fringed islands since 2004 and now have an established kitesurf centre with three professional staff, an advanced rescue service, music, bbq, sun loungers and more.

The Cocos (Keeling) Islands are owned by Australia and are located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, 2750km north-west of Perth, and 900km west south-west of Christmas Island.

It is the home of the approximately 1,000 Cocos Malay & Australian Expats.

This season ZKT introduces FREE kite hire for complete beginners, valued at over $700!.

Kite equipment can be expensive. Getting started and outlaying lots of money to learn can be daunting for many beginners.

In addition to the free equipment hire, beginners also receive very affordable lessons. The four hour beginner package is just $200, and four hours is all most beginners need in these ideal conditions.

ZKT’s professional, experienced instructors and staff have beginners up and riding within days, and the lagoon crossing adventures are the most fun you'll ever have kiting.

We make sure everyone has a chance to kite across the magnificent lagoon to Direction or Prison Islands. If you’re lucky you may be able to cruise with the giant manta rays, dolphins and spot the resident dugong ‘Kat’ on the way over. Zodiac boat support is present at all times and carries snacks, refreshments and snorkel gear to explore the other side of the Lagoon.

In addition to fantastic kitesurfing, the Island has many things to do and see and there are hundreds of picture perfect beaches to explore. The Cocos Islands has an interesting cultural history and there are many historical relics around the Island to discover on foot or underwater.

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