Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One Ocean: Extreme wilderness in the Canadian Arctic

Polar cruise operator, One Ocean Expeditions is keen to encourage more travellers to explore the extreme wilderness areas of the Canadian Arctic and Greenland.

For their August 2010 voyage, the charter flights needed to access the remote Arctic ports of Resolute and Kangerlussuaq (usually an additional cost) will be included in the cruise price of the 13-day expedition cruise sailing from the Northwest Passage to Greenland onboard the 122-passenger ice-strengthened Clipper Adventurer – a saving of US$1600 per person.

One of the drawbacks of travelling to the remote High Arctic regions are the charter flights that are often involved to reach the ports of embarkation and disembarkation. The cost of the charter flights – in this instance US$1600 per person for flights Edmonton/Resolute and Kangerlussuaq/Toronto - can be a deterrent, especially for travellers from the UK and the rest of Europe, as this fairly substantial amount has to be added to their international flights.

Andrew Prossin who founded the fast-growing polar operator, One Ocean Expeditions just three years ago says, “We are keen to motivate travellers from the UK to choose the High Arctic for their summer holidays. As an expedition leader this area of the Arctic happens to be one of my personal favourites, overflowing with history, fascinating cultures and renowned for its rare and spectacular wildlife.”

The Clipper Adventurer sails from Resolute Bay, Nunavut on 2 August 2010 arriving in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland on 14 August 2010. On 2 August there is a charter flight from Edmonton to the embarkation port of Resolute and when passengers disembark on 14 August there will be a charter flight from Kangerlussuaq to Toronto. The cost of the two charter flights is usually US$1600 per person.

The price for the voyage starts at US$5590 per person sharing a twin cabin with private facilities including the charter flights, hotel/airport/ship transfers, and accommodation, food and excursions during the voyage. Hotel accommodation in Edmonton and Toronto will be required pre- and post-voyage. International flights UK/Edmonton and Toronto/UK are not included in the price.

Two professional photographers will be on board for the passengers: David Schultz and Rob Stimpson.

About the voyage

The voyage starts at the western end of Lancaster Sound, a wildlife super-highway connecting the waters of the North Atlantic and Baffin Bay to the Arctic Ocean and the Canadian High Arctic Archipelago. From the majestic fjords of Northeast Baffin Island the Clipper Adventurer will cross Baffin Bay to the icecap and dramatic mountains of Greenland.

As well as lengthy hikes on the tundra for wildflowers and lichens, and wildlife zodiac cruises along the base of bird cliffs with many thousands of nesting guillemots, murres and kittiwakes, there is an important cultural aspect to this voyage. Visits to some of the world’s most remote communities will introduce both the modern and ancient aspects of the Inuit culture. The Inuit of Nunavut are linked to the land in a way that very few cultures can claim. Captured in their art, songs and dance, the heritage of their people tells a story of hardship and hardiness, of connectedness to the Arctic ecosystem and an understanding of it that is unrivalled elsewhere. In contrast, the Greenlandic people of West Greenland have lived with less connection to the land in recent centuries showcasing a different culture. Regardless of this, the art and oral culture of the Greenlandic still illustrates a strong connection to the land and ice.

The Clipper Adventurer

The Clipper Adventurer is a superb 122-passenger expedition vessel, reminiscent of the days of the great ocean liners, with lots of varnished wood and brass. Equipped with state-of-the-art sonar, stabilizers and classified A-1 ice-class, she navigates the Arctic waters with ease. All cabins have an outside view, lower beds and private bathrooms. The window-lined dining room serves delicious international cuisine; presentations are held in the lounge which seats all 122-passengers and there is a more intimate bar in the club room for up to 45.

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