Sunday, April 18, 2010

Segway Tours Go Off the Beaten Track at Currumbin

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on the Gold Coast has launched its new Segway Safaris on the Gold Coast, taking visitors through the Sanctuary’s bushland and coastal rainforest habitats in a unique guided tour experience.

Popular around the globe, the Segway Personal Transporter is a self, balancing personal transportation device designed to go anywhere you go – in a safe, eco-friendly, efficient manner.

“The Segway Safari is like no other and we’re excited to be able to offer safe and memorable tours using Segway PTs so that visitors can encounter the far corners of Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary’s 27 hectares of scenic tracks and wildlife habitats,” Currumbin CEO Jonathan Fisher said.

“Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary continues to innovate nature and wildlife experiences for our many visitors by offering unique activities they cannot get elsewhere – the Segway Safari gives our visitors that one-of-a-kind experience.

“On the Segway Safari, visitors will go behind the scenes at the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital then explore the Forest Walk through Currumbin’s far-reaching bushland reserves before heading through the Sub-tropical Rainforest Aviary – one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere and home to an array of colourful bird species.

“There’s also the chance to see Tree Kangaroos and Cassowaries in lush rainforest habitats, all with an expert guide to provide insights into the many fascinating wildlife species encountered on the way.”

The Segway Safari tours for groups of up to eight people last 90 minutes and include training and helmets. Tours are offered three times a day and can be pre-booked online or at the Visitor Services desk at Currumbin.

The first of its kind, the self-balancing, electric Segway PT runs on batteries and is a zero-emissions, eco-friendly form of transport that is both silent and highly energy-efficient.

Segway technology enables the Segway PT to work with your body movements – you simply lean forward to move forward and lean back to go back.

Turning is controlled by an easy-to-use intuitive Leansteer technology with gyroscopes and sensors in the Segway PT monitor the rider’s centre of gravity 100 times per second.

After a short training session, movement becomes smooth and easy, allowing Segway Safari participants to relax enjoy the view as they glide through Currumbin’s bushland pathways during the tour.


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