Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This could be the vision on Brisbane's Moreton Bay, Sydney Harbour or in Kakadu if the Aircruiser of UK based designer, Nick Talbot is realised.

A revolutionary, next generation floating hotel, fuelled by hydrogen, could travel from London to Australian destinations.  The emphasis is on the experience, with travel time being luxuriously slow in the 270 tonne vehicle, featuring a penthouse, four duplex apartments, five smaller apartments, bar and lounge areas.

The concept will be unveiled at the national Tourism Futures conference in Brisbane in July (5-7) where Mr Talbot, of seymourpowell, is outlining his futuristic approach, to Australia's tourism industry.

'Nick's ideas are very impressive and take our thinking into the next generation of travel products,' said Mr Tony Charters who is convening Tourism Futures.

'It could be a very exciting leap forward for tourism, and I hope it will inspire the Australian industry to push forward with creative and innovative ideas to help reinvigorate the industry."

The concept has attracted the attention of industrial giant Samsung, which is financing the next phase of development.

Further details about the Tourism Futures conference are available at www.tourismfutures.com.au and a digital tour of the Aircruiser can be seen on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bP15Vgt55Gk

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