Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pinctada Launches Children Of The Lugger People

Pinctada Hotels & Resorts today announced the launch of Children of the Lugger People, a three-day extraordinary experience which celebrates Broome’s rich pearling history and eclectic culture through the eyes of award-winning indigenous guide and third-generation pearlshell diver Neville Poelina.

Neville is a popular Kimberley personality and, a proud ‘child of the lugger people’. He followed in the footsteps of his grandfather and Timorese father to become one of Broome’s most acclaimed pearlshell divers before launching a successful cultural tourism business which embraces the rich and ancient Aboriginal culture of his mother’s Nyikina people.

Children of the Lugger People brings Neville’s story to life in a shared journey that explores the fascinating history of Broome, its people, art, culture, cuisine and pearling fleets. It is also an intimate journey with numbers limited to a maximum of 16 people for each of the three Children of the Lugger People experiences that Pinctada will offer this year, from May to September.

Marilynne Paspaley AM, Founder & Managing Director of Pinctada Hotels & Resorts, said Children Of The Lugger People offers a rare opportunity for international and Australian experience seekers.

“Broome is a unique destination which attracts travellers from around the world, but they rarely have the opportunity to experience it with someone whose family has lived and worked here for generations,” she said. “Neville’s story is fascinating and important because it embraces the three key elements that make Broome unique – its history, its culture and the spirit of its people. Children of the Lugger People is an opportunity to see Broome through his eyes and hear first hand his stories about Broome’s past and present.” In keeping with the intimate and authentic nature of the experience, Children of the Lugger People will be based at McAlpine House, Pinctada’s award-winning boutique escape.

“McAlpine House is the ideal venue for this extraordinary journey,” Marilynne said. “It was originally built as the home of a Master Pearler, and its intimacy and atmosphere is ideally suited to this event.

We’ve also planned the Children of the Lugger People experiences to coincide with the full moon which again is so much a part of Broome’s story.” Each day of the Children of the Lugger People experience will explore a different aspect of Broome.

Day one’s focus is on the past - Broome’s pearling story.

“Pearling is where it all started,” said Neville. “It’s also where our journey begins – Yarns with a Lugger Bugger over a relaxed dinner at McAlpine House on the first night. I’ll tell some yarns about my own pearling days as well as a few that were handed down by my father and grandfather.

Children of the Lugger People is a shared journey so the evening will unfold depending on what the group would like to hear.”

Day two explores the present and the legacy of Broome’s pearling pioneers.

“After breakfast, we’ll ‘seize the day’ with a tour of Broome’s famous sites like Streeters Jetty and Chinatown,” Neville said. “But the focus will be on Broome’s melting pot of creativity and, its people – the writers who’ve penned plays like Bran Nue Dae, the acclaimed artists and songwriters, the talented chefs and also the business founders – so many are descendents of the lugger people and we’ll be meeting up with a few of them during the day.” Day 3 starts with a free morning and then the focus is on food. Neville is not only a knowledgeable and entertaining host, but also a cook of bush and lugger repute. His special style of cuisine is influenced by his Aboriginal and Timorese heritage as well as his time on the luggers and the fresh seasonal produce, seafood and bush tucker of the Kimberley.

“Broome food is an art in itself and, another legacy of the lugger people,” Neville said. “You can find styles of cuisine from around the world in Broome and the chefs are incredibly talented. We’ll spend the afternoon at McAlpine House talking about the history of Broome cuisine, the influences on it and the specialties of the town. Food links everything we’ve experienced during the past few days and in the same way we’ve shared the journey, we’ll share the cooking and create a dining experience based on typical lugger fare. Then we’ll enjoy it under the light of a full Kimberley moon nestled among the lush tropical gardens of McAlpine House – and, probably share a few more stories!”

Pinctada Hotels & Resorts will offer three Children of the Lugger People journeys this year on the following dates – May 25–28; June 25–28; September 22–25. Prices start from $1749 and include:

o Three nights’ accommodation at McAlpine House
o Two Children of the Lugger People dinner experiences at McAlpine House with Neville Poelina
o Day 2 tour with Neville, including morning tea at Town Beach and lunch at McAlpine House
o Full cooked breakfast daily
o Return airport transfers in Broome
o Welcome drink on arrival

E: stay@pinctada.com.au
T: +61 (0)8 9193 8340 or 1800 PINCTADA, 1800 746 282 (tollfree within Australia)
W: www.pinctada.com.au

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