Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Backpackers urged: stay safe and go in the running for $1000 travel cash - image attached

Backpacking around Australia on a tight budget can be both exciting and dangerous but with the $1,000 travel cash on offer from Pro-Visual Publishing's new Safety Guide, backpackers can gather handy tips on staying safe and help extend their travels.  

$1,000 travel cash is on offer to all backpackers who simply take a photo with the Chart displayed in their facility and send it to Pro-Visual Publishing along with an entry form as soon as possible. 

To be in the running, Pro-Visual Publishing is asking the many young people visiting Australia this year to consider the unnecessary risks they might be taking while away from home with their Backpackers Guide to Local Safety & Health 2010. 

The Guide outlines the safety measures that often come as second nature to Australians, but may be unknown to foreign visitors holidaying in Australia.  

"This year marks the launch of the first edition of the Backpackers Guide to Local Safety & Health 2010," said Pro-Visual Publishing's CEO John Hutchings. "We felt the added incentive of the prize money would encourage backpackers to consider our Guide which aims to answer the health and safety questions they may be hesitant to ask locals." 

Safety advice on offer to backpackers includes how to stay safe at the beach, detailed descriptions of Australia's most dangerous spiders, snakes and jellyfish, along with bite symptoms and first aid advice. As well as useful advice on sun safety while under the strong Australian sun, emphasising the risk of severe burns and skin cancer. Tips are also provided for safe driving in conditions that are very different from those at home.  

Additional copies of the Backpackers Guide to Local Safety & Health 2010 are available and all Guides are produced and distributed free of charge thanks to sponsorship. 

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