Thursday, December 3, 2009

Top 10 Destinations Revealed by Lonely Planet for 2010

Lonely Planet has unveiled its fifth annual collection of the world’s best journeys, destinations and experiences for the year ahead with the eagerly awaited Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2010.

Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2010 highlight:

1. El Salvador “‘And when it comes to cities, none in Central America is smarter or cooler than San Salvador, with first-rate universities, museums and galleries
2. Germany “Some countries are simply allowed to be, but Germany has had to reinvent itself more times than Madonna.’
3. Greece Seldom does a travel destination satisfy the blurbs that shout ‘has something for everyone’ but Greece truly does.’
4. Malaysia ‘Diversity is what Malaysia is all about From chaotic and modern Kuala Lumpur to the near mystical wilds of Borneo.
5. Morocco ‘Get lost and find new friends –and carpets – in the souk mazes of Fez and Marrakesh.’
6. Nepal ‘Trekking in Nepal is one of those travel benchmarks, like seeing the Taj Mahal, or diving the Great Barrier Reef...’
7. New Zealand ‘NewZealand is spearheading the ecotravel revolution, winning international accolades for its ethos towards responsible travel
8. Portugal ‘Old city centres, long ago abandoned by the young and upwardly mobile in favour of the suburbs, are slowly being revitalised.’
9. Suriname ‘Quickly emerging as a prime ecotourism and sport-fishing destination, Suriname has everything you could hope for in a wildlife adventure.
10. USA ‘Trains are a great way to see the country. Unlike the highways, trains don’t pass constant billboards and fast-food chains.

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