Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sea World’s Polar Bears Celebrate Christmas Early!

The Polar bears will celebrate in style with their own Christmas tree fully stocked with everything a Polar bear needs for the silly season including lots of gift wrapped presents.

The Christmas tree and gifts form part of the bear’s enrichment program by providing them with toys and puzzles to help stimulate their senses.

Sea World’s Polar Bears are ambassadors for their species and play a vital role in rasing awareness of the effects of global warning. Current research indicates that Polar Bear numbers in the wild are declining, with just 22,000 bears remaining world wide.

Hudson and Nelson were orphaned in Quebec in 2004 and had been temporarily taken in by the Quebec Zoo, who embarked on a world wide search for the most suitable home for the young cubs.

Sea World was chosen by an esteemed committee, for its technologically advanced exhibit and exceptional behavioral enrichment program - features that have set a benchmark for Polar Bears in human care around the world.

To celebrate the bear’s story, Sea World recently launched a children’s book which tells their story and helps educate young children about the challenges facing Polar bears in the wild.

Media are invited to witness the Polar bear Christmas celebrations


Date: Friday 18 December 2009
Time: 9.45am - Meet Renee Soutar at Reception and drive around to Polar Bear Shores
Media Opps: The Polar bears enjoying and tearing into their Christmas presents
Interviews: Sea World Curator of Mammals Mitchell Leroy

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