Monday, January 11, 2010

Hurtigruten Offers Polar Dips at Both Poles

You don't have to be a member of a polar bear club - those hardy groups of cold water plungers - to take advantage of Hurtigruten's offers to enjoy a dip in the world's coldest waters, whether in Antarctica, the Arctic's Spitsbergen, Greenland, or Norway's Vardø on the Barents Sea. “As far as sea conditions allow, our expedition team will ensure that the bravest of our guests are able to satisfy their thirst for adventure in the water," states Hurtigruten product coordinator Jørn Henriksen. Ideal for those travelers who prefer to bring home more than t-shirts and tans, the dip in the polar waters is something that truly stands out when it comes to bragging - and the Polar Dip Certificate awarded to each participant provides needed verification.

During Antarctica's summer months, guests aboard Hurtigruten's deluxe expedition ship, MV Fram, can enjoy the remarkably refreshing icy waters of one of the largest natural harbours in the world -- off the volcanic Deception Island. The average temperature of this natural ocean pool is a bracing zero degrees Celsius. However, geothermic activity does mean that bathers can occasionally feel a 'comfortable' current of water above freezing. During the North Pole's summer, guests aboard the same ship can entertain a quick jump into the waters of Spitsbergen's Magdelenefjord, avoiding the icebergs, of course; or for those spending 8 to 15 days exploring Greenland, a brief splash in the sea around Uummannaq, a small town 360 miles north of the polar circle and site of the annual Ice Golf World Championship. If a swim in ice-free waters is preferred (due solely to the Gulf Stream), Hurtigruten offers a Norwegian Coastal Voyage cruise extension that makes its way to Norway's Vardø on the Barents Sea, where guests can float in a survival suit while their team leader dives for the evening's meal of King Crab - a wonderful way to combine a sea frolic with the need to catch dinner.

As a leader in Expedition Cruising, Hurtigruten's portfolio of adventure expeditions take guests to both ends of the world -- where pristine environments, unique wildlife and stunning vistas are combined with the opportunity to learn from experts in numerous disciplines including geology, marine life, environment, history and culture.

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