Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Travelers Can Now Sell Used Guidebooks on GuideGecko.com

Buy, travel, then sell again - Travel bookstore offers free, quick and easy listings of used travel guidebooks

GuideGecko, the innovative publishing platform and bookstore for travel guides, from today on enables travelers from around the world to sell their used travel guidebooks on www.GuideGecko.com.

Travelers can list their guidebooks free of charge, and the process takes less than 20 seconds. The seller decides on the price and sets the shipping costs on a domestic, continent and worldwide level. Titles are listed immediately, and are available to customers worldwide. Once sold, GuideGecko collects the customer payment and sends an email with the shipping details to the seller. Sellers receive 85% of what the customer pays, and are paid using a variety of options, including PayPal, cheque or bank transfer. There are no costs for listing or removing titles.

"We are happy to launch this functionality just in time for the post New Year holiday season," says Daniel Quadt, Founder and Managing Director of GuideGecko. "We know there are lots of used guidebooks that have done their job for their current owners, and are now gathering dust on the bookshelf. What better way to earn some extra money towards your next trip than by selling them to other travelers looking forward to their own trip?"

GuideGecko's travel bookstore at www.GuideGecko.com covers guidebooks for more than 70 categories and 169 countries, including all well-known series such Lonely Planet, Rough Guides and Insight Guides, along with a large variety of less conventional titles such as Hedonist's Guides and Trailblazer, amongst many others.

Please visit www.guidegecko.com/sell-travel-guides for more information and to list guidebooks for sale.

About GuideGecko

GuideGecko is an innovative publishing platform and travel bookstore for travel, lifestyle and entertainment guides. GuideGecko currently offers more than 2600 guides on 169 countries and 270 cities and regions around the world. All well-known series are available, including Lonely Planet, Rough Guides and Insight Guides, along with a large variety of less conventional titles such as Hedonist’s Guides and Trailblazer, amongst many others.

GuideGecko invites casual writers, bloggers and established authors to publish and sell their own guides on www.GuideGecko.com. GuideGecko makes such guides available as PDF downloads and as printed books/booklets. Publishing is free and authors earn 50-75% on every copy sold. Become a writer and get published on GuideGecko!

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