Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fourth Annual Death Race Is June 6 in Pittsfield, Vermont

Death Race Returns for Fourth Year
June 26 to Pittsfield, Vermont

The fourth annual Death Race that has put a new face on competition returns June 26 to Pittsfield, VT, where a field of 96 athletes will vie for best time on an obstacle-laden, 10-mile course that took the 2009 winner 11.31 hours to complete.

Andy Weinberg, race director, reported that there will be closely guarded "tasks" that competitors must complete along the route. Some events are task-related, others are endurance challenges and some address a competitor's literacy skills.

"We aren't disclosing how many tasks or of what nature and that can change on race day depending on the weather and how the athletes are doing and their drop-out rate," Weinberg said. "We have some incredible athletes traveling from all over the country to compete.

Weinberg said each competitor must bring to the race a 10-pound bag of onions, a three-inch knife, $50.00 in pennies, a very large intensive Greek book and a post-hole digger.

The 2010 race begins at 4 a.m. on Saturday somewhere in Pittsfield, a small village on iconic Rt. 100 that may well be dubbed "Endurance Capital USA" because of the wealth of four-season uber-competitions staged here.

Joe Desena who founded Death Race said, "It is not only the most difficult race on the planet but it carries with it special Life lessons each year designed around an important thoughtful theme. It is meant to make better humans -- win, lose, or, as most will, quit. It brings you to your knees almost every time but along the way will teach you about yourself and important lessons about life."

"It really should be called the life race. This is about finding out what makes a better life for yourself and others around you. In the end we all die; it is what we do in between that matters and we attempt to prove it!" Desena said.

Race headquarters is at Amee Farm on Rt. 100. Spectators are invited to gather here to cheer on their favorite athlete.

For more information please email Weinberg at or call (802) 989-3982. The website is

Headquartered at Riverside and Amee farms, Peak Races is New England's premier provider of adventure sport, travel and entertainment activities / experiences to business executives and adventure seekers worldwide.

Its mission, said Joe Desena, founder of Peak Races, is to provide innovative, challenging and high-quality experiences that are among the most unique and exclusive competitive adventures available.

Desena is committed to the greater Pittsfield region that he calls an "endurance community" because of its hundreds of miles of trails for running and mountain biking, and also roads for running.

"There's a common belief that the high altitude West is better for training," said Desena. "But here in the East the roads and trails are steeper. People from the West who come here to race don't do as well against the East Coast people."

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